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Patricks produces a variety of premium men’s Utilizing ­ game-changing ­ technology engi- hair products from shampoos and conditioners neered by world-renowned chemists, ­Patricks to high-performing styling accouterments. Are products there any particular products in the Patricks Patricks ­ ­ Recovery Compound (PRC), which line that you recommend for a hair-grooming addresses hair loss, hair growth and scalp ­ novice? health. Please elaborate a little more about this contain an exclusive ingredient, remarkable ­ingredient. I t’s hard for me to choose as I genuinely believe all our producers are game-­changers. M2 Matte Finish, Medium Hold Styling ­Product is our best seller and most awarded product. The perfect all-rounder for almost all hair types. The medium hold will help you ­easily create ­on-trend hairstyles such as a quiff or pompadour. It’s re-moldable so you can ­rework your hairstyle all day. M3 Matte Finish, Strong Hold styling product is my personal favourite and I use this every day. The strong hold will keep even the t ­ hickest of hair types, or biggest of quiffs in place. The water and sweat resistant technology is p ­ erfect for active lifestyles. Head to the gym or for a surf and your hair will stay in shape. To compliment M3 I created SH2 a deep clean shampoo. I was fed up having to wash my hair several times before it felt clean. SH2 ­easily and quickly washes out all traces of styling product and impurities in one wash, even our water-resistant M3. It’s one of our most unique formulations and took years to perfect. It’s a real game-changer and I also use it every day. It features an amazing Violet and Tobacco Leaf cologne. F rom the beginning our number one priority was the performance of each product.­ Once we had achieved market leading performance we then decided to pack in extra benefits. We developed a powerful complex with over 17 key ingredients combined with advanced delivery technology to boost the penetration into the 3 layers of the hair and target hair loss, hair growth and scalp health. The main ingredients directly address hormonal and aggravating factors of hair ­ loss. They have been scientifically engineered to block the ­ conversion of testosterone to DHT, ­preventing the hair cycle to shorten and hair follicle ­ miniaturization. It also improved better anchoring in the scalp and helps r ­ evive dormant hair follicles. In addition, the f ­ ormulas are steeped in mineral rich nutrients which replenish, ­ ­ moisturize and help improve hair and scalp health. UV protection is also ­provided to shield hair from damaging UV rays and ­minimize ­colour fade. For more information, visit