The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 103

We love the Patricks design aesthetics led by your award-winning product packaging design, which is minimalistic, intelligent, functional and unlike anything in the men’s grooming market that we’ve seen. What was the inspiration behind your brand’s artistic and sleek style? I wanted something that would set us apart both on the shelf and from a functionality point of view. Being an industry outsider this meant I was not constrained by industry norms and I draw inspirations from my love of luxury cars, watches, Apple products and architecture. If I had listened to everyone we would have released a product that was no different to anything else on the market. I think I drove the packaging company crazy with how perfect I needed to get everything and really had to fight for the high level of quality I expected. I was not prepared to compromise on anything even if it took several years, countless re-works and exceeded our budget! Our award-winning packaging was ­ specifically designed for travel and combines luxury and efficiency for the jet set. Sleek and intelligent, functional and beautiful, our packaging takes ­ pride of place among our proudest achievements. I was heavily influenced by the designs of L amborghini, Apple, Audi and ѽ5ѥ$+ )ѡѡ͔́ٔəЁ)ɴչѥ=ѡ䁕)ѡ ͥ݅́ѡՉѕݡ)ݔ+ ͥɥɥ䁙ȁɅٕݡѡȁЁѼ)ѡ崁ȁɽչѡݽɱ ɕ)ѡݥЁɅͥиQͥ锁)ѡͼ́ݥѠ䵽)Յɕձѥ́ȁɍ+ ɥمєɱ̸)$)ͼ͕ѡ͕ՕIձ)Ѽͥѡͥ́ѡ)ѼٔЁ䁅Ʌȁ(ᵴᵴյɔѡͥ́$)ٕ ͕ѡѼѡͥѡ)Qͼɕ́ᅍѱѡͅ)ѡѽѡ́ѡͥ)х́ѡ1ɝٕхȸ)Iյմ͕́Ѽѡэ)͔єѼɽ٥ɕѠɅ䁅)丁Q́ɔ͕ȁэɕѱ䁽Ѽ)ѡյմѥѡȁȰ)ѥ́ՔQє͠ѡͥ)ѡхȁ́хѥɅѥѥհ)ѡՉȁ͕ͱ䁥ѕɅѕ́չ)ѡյմ͔ѼɕٕЁͱݕ)ɕ̰ɽѕЁѡɽə́ɔ)ѱՑݡѥѡݸ'e)ͼͥٔ)́ ́ ɥє)$ Ց܁ѡɍٕ́)ѡAɥ́Uٕͅ()́ éݡéչɍٕȤ)$ٔ͡ɕ䁡ɐѼѡAɥ)ɅѡЁЁٕ䁅ɕݡѡ)́ͥȁəɵQɅ́ѥ)ٽ٥ЁЁ́ѕ䁅ɅѥɅ)ՔѼѡɥЁ