The Compass Spring 2019 - Page 9

TOP donors 2018 W hile the name, composition and appearance of Baylor Scott & White Dallas Foundation has evolved over our history, our core has remained the same. A separately incorporated 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization, we raise and manage charitable funds to support Baylor Scott & White Health – North Texas, distributing more than $678 million since the Foundation was established in 1978. Powered by Community, we are supported by more than 12,000 active donors, including individuals, corporations and other private foundations. Working together, we are helping to drive positive change and improve the health of the North Texas communities served by Baylor Scott & White. We would like to thank the generous donors who have supported our mission throughout the years. Here is a look at those who gave $2,500 or more during calendar year 2018. Anonymous A. L. Chilton Foundation Abbott Fund at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Dr. Wael Abo-Auda Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Aboussie, Jr. Abster Investments, L.P. Dr. Tea E. Acuff Mr. and Mrs. A. Jayson Adair Adair Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John L. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Kent Adams Addison Magazine Ms. Fronie Adkins-Golightly Adonai Missions Outreach Mr. and Mrs. Frank Agar, Jr. Dr. Saleem Akbar Ms. Cynthia J. Comparin and Mr. Dennis H. Alberts Mr. David Albin Mr. James M. Alexander Ms. Jenna T. Alexander Allie Beth Allman & Associates Mr. and Mrs. Pierce M. Allman American Radiology Associates, P.A. Mr. and Mrs. David S. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Barry G. Andrews Anne and Alan Feld Fund Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Anthony Ms. Paula Anz Aramark Aramark Healthcare Support Arkay Foundation Inc. Mr. Kyle E. Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Truman Arnold Dr. Neeraj Arora Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Arthur ASTS Foundation AT&T Ms. Marilyn Augur AWARE Fund Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bacala Mr. Zack H. Bacon, III Mr. and Mrs. Norman P. Bagwell Mr. W. Karl Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Steve Baker BakerTriangle Mrs. John R. Ball Ballard VS The Big C Mr. and Mrs. Dale D. Baltazor Bank of America Bank of America Charitable Foundation Bank of Texas, N.A. Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Barbier- Mueller Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Barnes, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Barnett Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell L. Barnett Baron and Darlene Cass Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Barrow Baylor Orthopedic & Spine Hospital Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano Volunteer Services Baylor University Medical Center - Women’s Auxiliary Baylor Volunteer Corp Beacon Emergency Services Team PA Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Beckham Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Beecherl, III Ms. Madelyn Beene Mrs. F. Andrew Bell Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Bellamy Bellevue Foundation Mr. Anthony Bellissimo Ben E. Keith Company Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert J. Besing Ms. Victoria Biery Biosense Webster, Inc. Mr. Gene H. Bishop* Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Black, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Blackwell Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Blankenbeckler, III Dr. and Mrs. Brian T. Blatt BLC, Inc Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Blessing Blessing Family Foundation of Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund Bob & Vicki Midyett Foundation Bobcat, Inc. Ms. Joanne L. Bober Mr. and Mrs. Pat S. Bolin Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Bond Ms. Kimberly A. Bones Bonnie L. Pitman Fund Mr. and Mrs. Alvis T. Boon Brad and Ann Brookshire Donor Advised Fund at East Texas Communities Foundation Mrs. Barbara J. Bradfield Mr. and Mrs. William E. Bradford Mr. E. T. Bradley Breast Cancer Can Stick It! Foundation, Inc. Mr. Robert P. Breault, Jr. BREG, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Brewer Brian J. Ratner Philanthropic Fund Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Brierley Mr. Jon D. Briggs Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Bright Mr. and Mrs. Clay V. N. Bright Bright Industries Ms. Lindsey Briley-Teefey Mr. and Mrs. John D. Brim Dr. William T. Brinkman Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Brock Mr. and Mrs. Brett P. Brodnax Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Bradley W. Brookshire Dr. and Mrs. David L. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Joshua M. Brown Ms. Jennifer Brown Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Brundage Mrs. Loriell Bruns Mr. and Mrs. James Bryant Mr. and Mrs. Don A. Buchholz Mr. and Mrs. John Buerkert Mr. W. Ray Bunyard Ms. Kelli Bural Ms. Susan M. Burns and Mr. Chris S. Burns Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Butt BvB Dallas Ms. Vivian Byers Mr. and Mrs. Ken Byrd Ms. Carol S. Byrne Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Caffey Mr. and Mrs. Jason B. Cagle Mr. and Mrs. Terry M. Cahill Dr. Tung Cai Capform, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Clint D. Carlson Mrs. Carrie A. Carney Ms. Leone Caron Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Carpenter Mr. David Carpenter Carpenter Family Fund Mr. Oakes W. Carson Mr. and Mrs. B. Gene Carter Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Carter Mr. Donald J. Carter, Jr. Mrs. Donald J. Carter Mr. Donald J. Carter* Mr. and Mrs. George P. Caruth Mr. and Mrs. Brian O. Casey Casey Family Philanthropy Fund Mr. and Mrs. A. Baron Cass, III Mr. Walter W. Cassity CBRE, Inc. Centene Management Company LLC Ms. Mae M. Centeno Central Market Ms. Kathy A. Chaney-Padak Chemo Cold Caps Mrs. Weiming Zhang and Mr. Huagang Chen Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Cheney Chest Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James A. Chionsini Chionsini Interests Management, LLC Dr. Vidyasagar Chodimella Mr. and Mrs. John E. Christoph Dr. Daun Chung Cindy Engles Advised Fund Ms. Charlene J. Cink CITI Business Services Citizens National Bank Mr. Donald C. Clampitt Mrs. Maxwell Clampitt Mr. and Mrs. Harris W. Clark Mr. and Mrs. James M. Clark, Jr. Clear Channel Outdoor Clearsense Mrs. Ben G. Clements Mrs. Patricia L. Clements Clyde L Hargrove, Investments Ms. Carol Cobb Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Coffee, Jr. Mr. Donas Cole Ms. Nancy Collins Ms. Shelly Collins Mr. and Mrs. Joe V. Colonnetta, Jr. Dr. Cristie Columbus and Dr. Laurence C. Roberts Comerica Bank Commerce Street Holdings, LLC Communities Foundation of Texas, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Delmer R. Compton Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Conlon Ms. Sandra F. Conner Dr. Nicole S. Conselman Dr. and Mrs. Gary R. Cook Cook Dalton Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Clay Cooley Ms. Mildred L. Cooper Mrs. C. E. S. Cornutt Mrs. Hugh Corrigan, IV Ms. Elizabeth Cothran Mrs. Cheryl S. Cotner Mr. and Mrs. Jeffry T. Courtwright Mr. Robert B. Cousins, Jr. Covidien Ms. Dorothy A. Craig Craig H. Neilsen Foundation Ms. Deandra S. Crawford Ms. Kelly Crayton Mrs. Richard W. Cree, Sr. Crescent Cardiology Associates Mr. and Mrs. Billy Crockett Mr. and Mrs. Harlan R. Crow Crow Holdings Capital - Investment Partners Crowley-Carter Foundation Crown Royal Real Estate Holdings INC Dr. Carlos P. Cruz Mr. and Mrs. Dan R. Cullum Mr. Mark Currier Mr. and Mrs. William A. Custard Cynthia & Louis Beecherl Fund D Magazine Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. Dale Dallas Area Rapid Transit Dallas Baptist University Dallas Child Dallas Nephrology Associates, P.A. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Dalton Mr. Yahya Daoud Darrell & Joann Lafitte Family Fund of Schwab Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Davies, III Ms. Michelle De La Cruz Mr. Mitch Dean Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. DeBartolo, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. DeCoursin Dee Ann & Marshall Payne Fund Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Deegan Deerbrook Charitable Trust Delek Fund for Hope - The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Mrs. Mara M. Batlin and Mr. David B. Deniger Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Dennis Dennis Family Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable Ms. Jan D. Devereaux Dinah Weable Breast Cancer Survivor Event Dr. and Mrs. Mustafa M. Dohadwala Don and Trudy Steen/ Charitable Foundation Donald J. & Linda J. Carter Fund Ms. Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and Mr. Del Ballard Mr. and Mrs. Jason W. Downing Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Dozier Dr. & Mrs. Peter A. McCullough Charitable Fund Dr. Dhiren and Sushma Shah Fund Dr. Rosemary A. Dubiel and Mr. John K. Dubiel Mr. and Mrs. Fritz L. Duda Mr. and Mrs. W. Robert Dyer, Jr. E. K. Boon Family Mr. Kent Eastman EBAA Iron, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Leldon E. Echols Mr. James W. Eddleman Dr. James R. Edgerton Mr. and Mrs. Cecil G. Edwards, Jr. Edwards Lifesciences LLC Eligibility Consultants Inc Elizabeth Toon Charities Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Elliott, III Emanuelson Family Charitable Gift Fund of Bank of America Encore Wire Ms. Cynthia L. Engles Mr. and Mrs. Randall R. Engstrom Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Enrico Mrs. Rosemary M. Enrico Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Enthoven Ernst & Young LLP Estate of Alan Roger Cook Estate of Alfred Bell Rhode Estate of Benjamin Lee Crow Estate of Catherine Lee Chastain Estate of Delinda A Verner Estate of Don L. Robbins Estate of Esther Iversen Brittain Mr. Steve Estes Mrs. Gloria M. Eulich Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gene Evans Mr. and Mrs. John W. Ewing, Jr. EXXONMobil Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Fallen Fallen Family Fund Mrs. Nancy Fallen Kershaw and Dr. Corey Kershaw Mr. and Mrs. Curtis C. Farmer Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Feld Mr. and Mrs. David L. Fields Mr. Leo Fields* Mrs. Barbara Fields Ms. Nina Cortell and Dr. Robert L. Fine Ms. Stanford C. Finney Mr. Richard W. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Hollye C. Fisk Mr. and Mrs. Mattia Flabiano, III Mr. and Mrs. William H. Flaherty Mrs. Judith K. Flatt Dr. Neil & Maura S. Fleming Dr. and Mrs. James W. Fleshman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Randall S. Fojtasek, Sr. Mrs. Jacqueline Fojtasek Mr. R. Steve Folsom Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy B. Ford Fort Worth Business Press Fort Worth Texas Magazine Ms. Teresa Foster Ms. Christine Frazier Mr. and Mrs. Denward L. Freeman Frost Bank Ms. J. Fryman Ms. Janie E. Fuller Dr. and Mrs. Cliff T. Fullerton Mr. and Mrs. Jerome M. Fullinwider G. R. White Trust Dr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Gable Mr. Eric Gaines Mr. and Mrs. Gregg W. Galloway GameGuard Dr. Soon Chao S. Ong and Dr. Luisa Y. Gan Mr. and Mrs. Jim Garison Dr. John Garrett Ms. Katherine Garrett Mr. and Mrs. William K. Gayden Gayden Family Foundation GE Healthcare Gene and Jerry Jones Family Foundation Gene H. Bishop Charitable Fund Genentech, Inc. General Dynamics Mission Systems Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. George George A. and Nancy P. Shutt Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Gibson Mrs. Nancy H. Gibson Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC Ms. Michelle Gomez Mr. and Mrs. William J. Goodwin Chaplain Linda C. Wilkerson and Chaplain R. M. Grace Mr. Timothy Graham Ms. Kimberly Granger Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Grant Mr. Gordon T. Graves Ms. Rose L. Heicken and Dr. Paul A. Grayburn Dr. Scott Greenberg Gregory D Smith Memorial Golf Tournament Mr. and Mrs. Guy U. Griffeth Ms. G. Jeanie Grisham Ms. Rosalind R. Grover Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gundy Dr. Srinivas R. Gunukula H.E.B. Grocery Company LP Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Haas Ms. Cynthia Hale Mr. and Mrs. Bryan L. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hallam Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Halsell, Jr. Dr. Rita G. Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Hancock Handi-Craft Company Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hardaway Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Harding Mr. Clyde Hargrove Ms. Deirdre Harp Dr. Katherine Harrington Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Nathan Hartman Harweb Foundation Ms. Lisa L. Havens Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Vincent E. Hawkins Hawkins Family Fund Ms. Rita Haxton HDR Architecture, Inc. Health Care Service Corporation Healthcare Art Consulting, LLC. Dr. Robert F. Hebeler, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Phillip J. Hecht Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Hefner, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Helm Ms. Brenda Helms Mr. and Mrs. James C. Henry Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Herman Ms. Diana Hernandez Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Hersh Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Hickey, Jr. Higginbotham Community Fund Miss Lyda Hill Mr. and Mrs. David Hill Mr. Russell Hill Hilltop Holdings Mr. and Mrs. James H. Hinton HKS Inc. Dr. Trieu Q. Ho Hoblitzelle Foundation Hologic Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Holt Holt Lunsford Commercial Hope Supply Co. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Horner Mr. and Mrs. Tim Horner Mr. Rodger Horton Mr. and Mrs. Todd C. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Danny Howell Ms. Debra Hughey Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Clark K. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Hunt Mrs. Nelson B. Hunt Hunt Consolidated, Inc./Hunt Oil Company Mr. and Mrs. David S. Huntley Huntley Family Fund Dr. Jodie Hurwitz Dr. Amena Hussain and Mr. Muslim F. Nazarali Dr. Kelley A. Hutcheson Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hutson Imagine Nation Books, LTD Integrative Emergency Services L.L.C. J. Michael Putman, M.D., PA and Associates Dr. Vikas C. Jain James L. Lozier, Jr. and Rebecca M. Lozier Fund Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC Jeanne Shelby Fund for Cancer Research Ms. Harriet H. Jeffers Dr. and Mrs. G. Kimble Jett John H Rexford Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. William R. Johnson Mr. Tony W. Johnson Mrs. Natalie Johnson Jonathan and Jennifer Mullins Charitable Fund Dr. Alan L. Jones Dr. and Mrs. Allen M. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Jones Mr. and Mrs. J. Stephen Jones Mr. and Mrs. Jerral W. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Larry Jones Mr. Linza Jones Ms. Guwan Jones Jordan Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Clinton W. Josey, Jr.