The Commons Spring 2018: Graduation Edition - Page 8

NEW SAINT ANDREWS COLLEGE 2018 GRADUATES JOSEPHINA ALEX FAVORITE NSA MEMORY: The herpetology field trip. PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: Winemaking in California. MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: It’s worth it. CHARLES CARMAN FAVORITE NSA MEMORY: Reading room. PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: Won’t be able to say until closer to the time of graduation. MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: Philosophy is the handmaid of theology. RENDEL PAUL CAROLINO FAVORITE NSA MEMORY: Dr. Edwards missed seeing my attached paper on the morning he asked for it, so I woke up to his e-mail with just these fearsome words: “Ren, what has happened?” PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: I’d like to foster an education and community like NSA in Japan. MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: Christ’s lordship over all things makes a potent, wise, dangerous, grateful, and singing culture anywhere, even in Moscow. LAURA DEACON 8 THE COMMONS FAVORITE NSA MEMORY: Definitely has to be the marine biology field trip! PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: Waiting for visas to clear so I can work for a local startup. MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: Learning to balance different, equally-important commitments.