The Commons Spring 2018: Graduation Edition - Page 7

ALUMNI PROFILE firstborn son, Edmund. Jet-lagged, wrestling a rambunctious one-year-old, and with Lydia newly pregnant with their sec- ond son, the trip was already one for the books. Then, one morning at 4 a.m., Lydia remembers: “Daniel sat up in bed and told me, ‘I know what I want to do!’ After he explained it to me, I just remember sitting there in the dark saying, ‘Well, okay! Let’s do it!’” The pieces had finally come together. Daniel realized he could combine his two loves: recording and the Moscow Daniel and Lydia in class together at NSA community. He wanted to capture the educational excellence found at Logos School and New Saint Andrews and put it in the hands of homeschooling parents all around the world. Classic Learning Initiatives, the creators of the CLT (classic One year after his epiphany in France, Daniel launched Ro- learning test), which is a classical alternative to the SAT/ACT. man Roads Media with the help of a local Christian investor. The couple credits much of the business’s success to their His brother David joined him as a partner in the business, along NSA education. NSA taught Daniel how to learn, one of the with their friend Cooper White, who moved from Georgia to most valuable skills for an owner of a start-up company. His work for Daniel. The company’s flagship product, Old Western life post-college has been a perpetual learning curve: “As CEO Culture, is a four-year integrated humanities and great books of a small company, I constantly use the skills drilled into me curriculum. “It’s the preparation I wish I’d had before coming by a large reading list. I have to approach new problems and to New Saint Andrews,” Daniel says. condense large amounts of information in order to make a But the road to building a successful small business is long decision, often fast.” and hard, and while Daniel and For Lydia, one of the greatest Lydia worked as a team, their roles benefits of her education was learn- were often very different. In the Today, Roman Roads is an award- ing to value reading books by au- first five years of founding Roman winning company, renowned in the thors from different cultures, times, Roads, their clan grew from three and worldviews. With God and to six. Much of Lydia’s time and en- homeschooling community for its His word as her foundation, differ- ergy early-on was spent supporting ing viewpoints aren’t a threat, but excellent video courses. Daniel as he got the business run- an invitation to learn and grow and ning. She managed the home while define her beliefs more clearly. She he was out in the field. And, according to Daniel, Roman Roads uses this skill at home as she raises and homeschools her kids, wouldn’t have happened without her: “I’ve talked through so and at Roman Roads where she helps develop curriculum and many of the issues and struggles of the business with Lydia over interacts with customers. the years that her fingerprints are all over it. Even before she had Now, eight years after graduation, Daniel and Lydia still an official role, she proofed countless texts and workbooks, gave live in Moscow, only a few blocks from NSA, and minutes design feedback, and was a constant encouragement to me.” from their friends and extended family—eleven cousins be- Today, Roman Roads is an award-winning company, re- tween the ages of three and nine. The Foucachons gather at nowned in the homeschooling community for its excellent Daniel’s parent’s home on Sundays to feast and fellowship video courses. In addition, they’ve expanded into print and and give thanks for this and many other blessings. Thanks to live online courses, and employ several full-time and part- Daniel and Lydia’s hard work and vision, Christians around time employees. Their onl ine classes combine video courses the world are reaping the benefits of a Classical Christian ed- with live online classes, an inspiration drawn from the recita- ucation, training up the next generation to love and serve the tions that Daniel loved at NSA. Lord, one online class at a time. Now, the Foucachons’ children are eight, seven, five and three, and Lydia has a more direct role in the company: head of customer service. As the business continues to expand, To learn more about Roman Roads Media, Daniel hopes to be involved in more programs that promote visit classical education. He’s currently serving on the board of the SPRING 2018 7