The Commons Spring 2018: Graduation Edition - Page 12

2018 GRADUATES COLLIN MCGEE FAVORITE NSA MEMORY: The field trip we took along the Columbia River for Dr. Schlect’s History of the American West elective. PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: Graduate school in soil and water science. MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: Learning how to think critically and carefully about every aspect of my life. SEAN MCGEE FAVORITE NSA MEMORY: The Spotswood bashes. PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: Pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering at the University of West Florida. MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: Community is as important as academics. CALLIE NYHUS FAVORITE NSA MEMORY: Finding and marrying my husband, while attending NSA. PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: Not a lot is concrete at this point, but Isaac and I will be moving to Boise to be closer to my family. MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: Trust in the Lord, and lean not on your own understanding. JOSHUA NYHUS FAVORITE NSA MEMORY: Junior year I was taking Greek, and the last final inolved speed reading 1 John in Greek to write analytical essays, and I was surprised that writing the essays was more difficult than speed reading in Greek. PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: Working hard to glorify God in any field, be it grocery or banking, and avoiding questions like this. MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: Everything you do can be done to the glory of God, should be done to the glory of God, and is done to the glory of God. ISAAC NYHUS 12 THE COMMONS FAVORITE NSA MEMORY: Camping in the Black Rock Desert to catch snakes and lizards for the herpetology field trip. PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: Moving to Boise to be closer to family. MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: There is always more to learn.