The Commons Spring 2018: Graduation Edition - Page 10

2018 GRADUATES GABE GOLLEHON FAVORITE NSA MEMORY: I enjoyed the work and results of all the choir concerts, but I particularly enjoyed performing Britten’s St. Nicolas PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: Teaching music and finishing the music certificate program MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: NSA has given me the tools to think and communicate more effectively and has cultivated a desire to learn more. NATHAN HANSEN FAVORITE NSA MEMORY: Climbing Moscow Mountain in the dark of the morning to sing Psalms on a Sunday. PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: Get married, move to Fort Worth, live a long and faithful life, and then die, I suppose. MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: People are shattered by sinning; gold never gleams in the dark; the glass never cracked for reflecting, nor an archer by missing the mark. VERONICA HARRIS FAVORITE NSA MEMORY: Singing Psalms with classmates. PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: Raise a family with my husband, and keep writing. MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: God really does apply to all of life. TYLER HATCHER FAVORITE NSA MEMORY: Stokes: “You’re already dead.” PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: Continue to work as associate pastor at Trinity Church, Kirkland, WA. MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: All of Christ for all of life for all the world. RUSSELL HATCHER 10 THE COMMONS FAVORITE NSA MEMORY: Spotswood bashes PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: Working in communications at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: People are worth more than your time.