The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 96

TED ESKİŞEHİR COLLEGE / 11-A Mankind Is No More Ekin İNAN A civilisation of mind, was born without a heart, Shaped the world to their will, careless of what they harmed. Bent their own rules to fit them, just like a lens refracts light “No,” they’d say, “as long as it’s for us, everything is fine.” 94 They flattened the mountains, to walk And created new ones to bury their shame Destroyed dens To build domes and obelisks m Now, they ask: “What’s wrong and what’s not?” “We need an answer” they claim, “Then won’t everything will be al Yet even they themselves know that it will not. Won’t they just change it when the time is right? And now, yet another question: “Should an autom Arming the same ones we use in factories , should it be done an Sounds eerily familiar to this world’ A corpse prod “The planet will burn into ashes” some cry, Yet no governor would ever reply For they know that it would cut their supply Their supply of riches and life. They have burned the world, yet the They plan on sailing to new horizons, unseen to the To grow and t “Thus, they set sail again - to repeat every single mistake of the h