The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 92

TED ESKİŞEHİR COLLEGE / 10-C To Colonize or Not to Colonize Other Planets? Ada Doğa ARSLAN 90 Colonizing other planets to save the resources ending on Earth has become a crucial topic. This subject mostly brings the question, “Do we have the right to colonize other planets?” to our minds. To answer whether we should colonize or not, we need to think about our reasons. To me, we don’t have adequate and valid reasons to colonize other planets. Plenty of scientists believe that there’s only one solution for humanity to survive, and that’s to move to another planet or colonize them. For instance, one of the most famous physicists Michio Kaku states: “Either we must leave the Earth or we will perish.” However, the obscurity of other life forms living on those planets makes this decision take a non-ethical turn. If there are any other life forms, colonizing their planet would mean turning them into slaves. Not only the lack of materials but also expenses make this harder to achieve. On the other hand, this crisis is caused by humans ruining the earth by polluting it and using sources inconsistently. Even though this topic comes out due to human actions, we are still debating about our right to ruin another planet. The consumption of natural sources is not something we can stop but our ways of consuming them can make a difference. Besides that, there’s no explanation for polluting the Earth. To sum up, colonizing another planet can save humanity because of the need for natural sources. However, whether this is ethical or not should be discussed. Also, if we consider humans as the cause of this crisis, destroying another planet would be wrong.