The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 90

TED ELAZIĞ COLLEGE / 9-A Should the Police Use Facial Recognition Technology to Monitor the Public? Uğur Can GENÇ 88 Having intelligence services is a good thing for the police, but some people think it needs some improvement for now. Recently, most of the security agencies in the United State of America have started using this technology. However, San Francisco officials are now thinking to put an end to the technology again because it often fails. It can unjustly convict some people. For instance, during a football match the cops were once looking for some criminals and the intelligence service identified 2470 people, only 173 of whom were the real criminals. That’s why people started questioning it. However, there is another issue which should be taken into consideration. What might happen if this technology gets into the hands of some bad people? You may think that I am being a bit pessimistic here, but I guess we have to think about this possibility as well. There are good things about this technology, too. For example, criminals can be found faster and easier. If scientists can improve this technology, the results will be more precise and the crime rates will dramatically decrease when compared the current ones. With some improvement, this technology will work perfectly and it will be even able to distinguish between identical twins. All people have distinctive features which are unique to them and I’m one of those people who believe that it should be improved a little more. I think it will be good for the world.