The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 9

153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 Artifical People in the Society by Ezgi Naz AYDOĞAN Augmented Bodies by Seymen KOYUNCU Robots and Humans by Tufan DELİKTAŞ Should We Colonize Other Planets? by Umut TOPALOĞLU TED RÖNESANS COLLEGE Robot Rights by Arda HACIOĞLU Should Robots Have Rights? by Ece ÜYÜCÜ Who is Guilty? by Eren FİLİZ De-Extinction by Öykü KARAKAYA Privacy by Tahsin Efe DEMİRÖZ TED SAKARYA COLLEGE Global Warming by Osman Talha TAKA Robots and Humans by Zeynep Rana YAVUZ TED SAMSUN COLLEGE Genetic Manipulations: Leading to A Big Extinction by Emre DEMİR İrem ÇAKIR Robots Or Killing Machines? by Zeynep AŞKIN Who Is The Real Culprit Behind The Climate Change And Who Should Deal With It? by İdil EROĞLU 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 TED VAN COLLEGE Immortal Humanity by Zeynep Sude ARISOY TED ZONGULDAK COLLEGE Should We Create A Robot Army? by Gülce YAVUZYİĞİT Robotic Disgrace by Yalın PULAT Designing the Genes by Zeynep EFEOĞLU Ethics for the Future by Alp KOCA Should We Do It? by Yusuf Mert AYGÜN GERMAN TED KOCAELİ COLLEGE Die Frage nach der Erforschung von fremden Kolonien by Deniz ARAYICI TED NORTHERN CYPRUS COLLEGE Elif BÜLBÜL TED SAMSUN COLLEGE Klimawandel: Es Wird Alles Schlimmer Als Bisher Befürchtet by Duru DEVECİ - Deniz MIDIK - Dilek CEYHAN 168 TED SİVAS COLLEGE A New World by Elif KURAL 184 TED KONYA COLLEGE Die Ethik der Zukunft by Esmanur DEVECİ 169 170 171 TED ŞANLIURFA COLLEGE Should We Edit Our Children’s Genomes? by Mert YAVUZER Ötkür SUTUKOĞLU Eren PALALI 185 TED KAYSERİ COLLEGE Die Zukunft: Mit oder ohne GVO? by Nilsu SALGIN 172 173 174 TED TRABZON COLLEGE Should Robots Be Accepted As ‘People’ (I.e. Given Full Human Rights)? by Mert Can GÜNEY - Murat Berkay ÖZDEMİR Should Robots Be Granted Human Rights? by Nilsu AYHAN TED Colleges: Becoming A Green Leader by Zeynep GÜL