The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 88

TED ELAZIĞ COLLEGE / 8-A Should We Colonize the Other Planets? Tuğrul ÇİÇEKÇİ - Emir KAYA 86 According to a scientific articles, Mars is the most habitable planet to live on. For millions of years now, the Earth has been our only home and yet in a short time humanity should start looking for new places where they can survive. We have a beautiful planet with enough resources, but soon these resources will be finished due to some reasons. So, should we colonize the other planets? Yes, we should. Why? People must be a multiplanetary species in order not to become extinct. History showed us there’s no guarantee of living on this planet. The classic example of this is dinosaurs. After living on Earth for 165 million years, they became extinct by a giant meteorite. Keeping mankind alive on more than one planet can guarantee the continuity of our species for thousands or even millions of years. Many scientists expected that we will not be able to continue living on our planet because of many reasons such as natural disasters, the number of populations, diseases and etc. However, if we colonized other planets, we could survive. It seems that Mars is our destination, but on this red planet we may face some difficulties. Mars is not suitable for living because of its atmosphere, so we have to build radiation-resistant houses since Mars has a terrible radiation level. Besides, sending food and water to Mars is too expensive and it will take a lot of time. In addition, the distance between the Earth and Mars is too long. However, despite all the obstacles that we may face, we have to colonize the other planets especially Mars before all of the resources in the world are finished. We have a beautiful world. Unless we protect our world, we need to go to any other planet. Wishing a good future for our world.