The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 86

TED EGE COLLEGE / 11-A De-Extinction and Us Sinem Ece ADIYAMAN 84 We all watched the famous movie ‘Jurassic Park’ and I am sure nobody wants a raptor of 15 metres tall in his back yard. Or can you imagine that we still have to hide from the predators as big as a ship in the middle of the sea or followed by flying dragons on the way to market? These are all exaggerations from the minds of Hollywood writers and movie makers. Because, as we all know, they feed themselves with horror and blood. I accept that mother nature is the best decision maker of all the times but what if we had the chance of bringing some species back? Have you ever heard of Dodo bird? The last Dodo died in 1850’s. Dodo was able to live in deserts and wilderness with little food and water. Wouldn’t it be great if we could bring it back for its wonderful meat and egg production? Dodo would be a cheap source of food for everyone. What about the wild cat of Madagascar? There were great rat hunters. For example, a Madagascar cat could consume up to 400 rats a year. People of Madagascar hunted them down for their furs. After they went extinct the rats ruled Madagascar for years and people of that country gave more of their harvests to the rats. I am sure Madagascar cats would be a wonderful way to save the fields and the fresh corps. In a nutshell, I strongly believe in science and I strongly respect nature. If mother nature decides to finish a certain kind of animal or plant, we have to respect and obey it. But if we as human beings are ones to blame? We have to think again and do our best to balance the science and nature. We can help nature to heal and we can protect nature with the help of its own creatures. So why not having the Madagascar cat and Dodo bird back? I am sure we will love them.