The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 83

TED EGE COLLEGE / 11-B Can Robots Be Accepted As Human Beings? Can AYDIN In recent years, robots have had a major role in our daily lives all over the world. For example, we use personal assistants Siri and Alexa, self-driving cars, security robots and automotive industry robots. That’s why the questions “Can robots be accepted as human beings? ‘’ and ‘’ Should robots be given human rights?’’ are both open to discussion. Rapidly people have started to feel the presence of robots more and more. The scientists state that this situation results in violence against robots by people all over the world. People lash out at robots, especially to the ones which resemble humans, because they think that robots will take their jobs and control their actions with their great intelligence. In Philadelphia, for example, a security robot was punched to the ground. Another security robot in San Francisco was covered in a tarp and smeared with barbecue sauce. Thirdly, a man in Moscow attacked a teaching robot with a baseball bat and kicked it to the ground. At that time, that teaching robot pleaded for help. Finally, three boys in Japan beat a humanoid robot with all their strength. As a conclusion, these artificially intelligent machines can be accepted as ‘’human’’ and should be given human rights and protected under the law. Otherwise, this violence may increase all over the world and it can come to a point that people may be imprisoned for robot abuse.