The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 80

TED EDİRNE COLLEGE / 8-A Creating a Robot Army Hande KÖKSAL 78 Robots are becoming increasingly important in our lives with the powerful technology we have improved. But nowadays, robots do not need our help anymore. In fact, they are gaining abilities such as thinking, talking, answering, etc. And that is why we are using robots in our daily lives to help us. But, would it be ethical for robots that can think like humans to take part in our armies? And, with a right to kill? And all in all, there is something we are actually missing. Artificial intelligence is smarter and improving itself faster than we actually think. Their emotions are becoming more and more dangerous. The thing that I am trying to say is that giving weapons to robots is not as decent as you may think it is and here is the reason why. First of all, robots do not have such will power and this can cause serious problems. Our enemies can beat their system and use them against us. Robots can also develop wrong feelings towards us and they can attempt to kill us. If we are talking about a robot army with a right to kill, it is not safe. They can cause serious damage to humanity because if they have rights to do that, they will think that they can do whatever they want. And they will not probably see humans as their creators but as little unworthy bugs. Even the tiniest mistake would be enough for mankind to lose against these robots. Therefore, I strongly agree that we should not.