The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 78

TED DİYARBAKIR COLLEGE / 8-B Ethics and Technology Şilan CENGİZ Technology develops so fast that people sometime do not have a balanced world with ethical codes. 76 Even though the developing technology makes our life better and easier, it sometimes causes some moral gaps. From DNA design to driverless cars, from climate change to robots, technology has had some ethical aspects. DNA design may be the most discussed topic of ethics. However, some people do not find this morally and religiously correct. This may cause DNA studies to stop in the future. When we observe technology in engineering, we encounter artificial intelligence. Some people think that artificial intelligence just helps our lives. On the other hand, others think that artificial intelligence can get out of human control and even take control over people too. This situation brings up many debates about artificial intelligence. Both DNA design and artificial intelligence are subject to many disagreements about the development of technology and the ethical gaps that it brings up. If different idea holders are more moderate, listen to each other and think carefully about these ethical and moral gaps, they will solve these disagreements and problems easily.