The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 75

TED DİYARBAKIR COLLEGE / 10-A From a Cryogenically Frozen Human-Machine Işılsu GİRGİN “I don’t remember what happened after I closed my eyes for my long sleep.” I said to my sister’s granddaughter. I was the first human being who has been cryogenically frozen and woken up. At first, I couldn’t understand where I was. Everything had changed after 128 years. It all started when I learned there was no way for me to live more than a year and beat breast cancer, if I didn’t accept freezing my body. My parents were rich enough to afford my process and agreed to it. I was totally healthy when I woke up. But with a difference: my body parts had been replaced with machines. After realizing my physical differences, I learned even my genome had been changed. Doctors were acting like there was nothing to worry, because they were halfrobots themselves. I learned later that everyone who was born those days had to undergo these changes after birth. At first, I couldn’t believe it because I couldn’t perceive the world the way I did before. However, there were some logical facts about this human-machine situation. My sister’s grandchildren told me there wasn’t enough water for us to live with a complete body. As a result of global warming, most of the civilizations submerged and people were dying due to lack of water necessary to maintain their basic needs. So, it was an obligation for us to live without water now. The solution was to have scientists change people’s genomes and body. They had to accelerate the adaptation change, otherwise it could take ages to deal with it. I am still trying to get used to this body. I wish I lived that one year and saved our water from this disastrous end.