The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 74

TED DİYARBAKIR COLLEGE / 8-A What About Ethics? İklim TOKLU 72 As you know, technology has developed a lot and there have been many discoveries in the last couple of decades such as modifying unborn children’s genomes and giving humankind “Godly power “by modifying DNA, living forever, brain implants, copying human bodies and more, could potentially change our lives. I personally think these “powers” should not exist because the selfish-ness and the passion to rule of the humankind would corrupt the future. So, I think if people decide on making a “better” human, it will change our lives permanently and it won’t be probably in a good way. Since people cannot even get on well with others such as people of other genders, ethnicities, and ideas. I think they would not be fine with the idea of a “superior human kind”, and they might be right about some aspects of it. For example, it is not fair to compete with people who are genetically enhanced by their parents. Since you did not choose who you are, a lower-class person can suffer compared to some others who are genetically enhanced people. As I mentioned earlier, people become selfish and craving for power and money. So, these “superior people” might believe that they are the ones to govern the world, and that can easily turn into hegemony and slavery.