The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 72

TED DENİZLİ COLLEGE / 9-B Army Robots Asya ERDOĞAN 70 When you look at the science fiction movies they are all about the future;the improving technology,changing world and ethics.What is the description of future then? Description of future in most of books and films are upcoming armageddon, the end of life and the earth. Therefore people came up with an idea of having a robot army which will save the earth for any forthcoming threat. However it is an debated topic among people that is it ideal to create a robot army with a right to kill. To start with, what are the advantages of having army robots; Robotic soldiers will not hesitate to kill any enemy, they have no emotions, so, they can’t be scared or daunted. Also, they can be sent into places that humans can’t go such as nuclear waste areas or to extremely hot or cold places, and it means fewer humans will die in war. Moreover, they can make faster decisions than humans and they are unaffected by anger, revenge, hunger, fear, fatigue, or stress. The military has recognized another advantage, too. More robots can do dangerous work that was previously undertaken by humans. The use of robots for such tasks makes a soldier’s work much more secure; it can even save many lives. All these features make them excellent and a must for the military forces without doubt. On the other hand, in addition to its advantages there are disadvantages, too. Army robots could be hacked by the enemy and can be used against humanity or it could kill civilians as well as rebel allies if it sees them the potential risks. All in all, although robotic soldiers can be used in many dangerous missions and so can save the human life, it still has risks because of their artificial intelligence. There are still problems that the scientists overcome.