The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 68

TED ÇORUM COLLEGE / 10-B Do You Want to Change? Elvin İrem SÖNMEZER 66 As the younger generation, we are all responsible for environmental issues. Ozonosphere is getting thinner or the water is running out and getting polluted every single day. We are building harmful factories and buildings but not any green space. We did hurt nature and it can hurt us any moment. At this point we should create less harmful cities, more green space. We should re-build our eco-friendly cities and use public transportation which works with reusable and recyclable fuel. We can also encourage people to use ordinary bikes or electric bikes that produce its own energy. We can re-plan our cities and renovate the buildings with environmentally friendly architecture (e.g. buildings might include their own little garden areas in their balcony or terrace). We can also use rootless plants almost everywhere. We can start indoor farming which can provide food for families. But the first things to do are to support all ideas from every social class and try to solve every problem without any discrimination. Global warming is a growing worldwide issue that every living organism on earth should be concerned about. The best way to minimize global warming is simple. No smoke! No factories without filters! No more than needed consumption of natural resources! And surely using reusable and recyclable sources of energy, like electricity that is produced by wind power or biodiesel instead of gas in the cars. There are lots of things we can do but all in all it is all about ‘wanting to change’ the situation we are in. Humans can do anything they want and it means that ‘’The future is in our hands.’’