The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 67

TED ÇORUM COLLEGE / 10-A Climate Change Diba FETHİPUR One of the biggest problems of our time is climate change. It is affecting the whole world. From climate change and plastic pollution, the threats facing our only home get more urgent day by day. We are damaging the earth. We have to stop this demolition. I’m not talking about getting on the stage and starting blaming everyone. That’s not a solution. It doesn’t matter whose fault it is. It’s everybody’s fault. Because we don’t care. It has not shown its effects, yet. But when they become visible, it will be too late for everything. So, all of us must act. I think the most important thing about saving our home is education. First, we have to teach the young generation about pollution, climate change and what will happen if we ignore these problems. We should teach recycling. After teaching the younger generation then come the others. This is the main idea that affects the government. The government should tell people how important that is. Most people learn by seeing so the government must show us the consequences of our choices. Well doesn’t all of it come from here, from our choices? When you are walking on the street with garbage in your hand there are two options: Should I throw it right here on the ground or should I hold it until I see a trash? You can choose the first one or the second one; it’s totally up to you. But if you chose the second one you would have chosen to destroy your home. So, which option are you going to choose? The one which will save your home or the one which drags you to extinction? It is your choice.