The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 66

TED ÇORUM COLLEGE / 10-A Artificial People; Artificial Society Baran KARATEPE 64 One of the ideas that help us to understand the Earth and the System is EVOLUTION. To understand this notion, first we should understand the word ‘‘Selection’’. Selection is categorised as Division, Natural Selection and Artificial Selection. Natural selection means that the generations had been selected by nature’s own laws and survived. Imagine you are on the poles and there are two bears. One of the bears is the polar bear and the other is a grizzly bear. Which one can survive? The one which hides or hunts in this environment. Artificial Selection is the extinction or continuation of a generation for mankind’s own self-interests. Years ago, we trained some wolves for our own duties and we created dogs for hunting. Actually, our elders had just started an endless loop. In the future we will choose the people. When they are in the mother’s womb, we will regulate their gens and we will create the persons whom we want. We will destroy the naturalness for the humanity’s benefits. Discrepancy will end and perhaps clones will be formed. New classes will show up: more intelligent, more elite, more artificial. These efforts of seeking for the excellent will cause the collapse of the systems of societies. This collapse and the increment of distinction between social classes will cause a blast in the capitalist system and perhaps this will cause a civil war. Maybe the artificial people will destroy the nature of society by arrogance. Finally, this method is necessary for the development of mankind. But at the same time, it is considerably dangerous for the mankind. We should take precaution to support the system of the society in the future. We shouldn’t lose the beauty that comes from diversity.