The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 61

Some argue that using GM’s in place of naturally grown foods is not safe due to its possible side effects, but I believe that as technology is improving and with more research, we will soon know all effects of GM’s and possibly find a way to improve them and possibly eliminate any side effects. Body augmentation is the altering of the human anatomy to enhance the ability and productivity of the human body. This includes trying to improve human senses and seeking out new medicines using self-experimentation. It can be both genetical changes and physical changes. People try body augmentation because, even though modern medicine has progressed rapidly in the last few decades, there aren’t enough cures for many serious diseases. The dangers of body augmentation are that it is difficult to know how the body will react to medication so if he patient isn’t in the right environment they will be putting their health at risk. Another reason is that because they aim to add new genetic material into the DNA it is possible that you could end up interfering with your body this could end up causing serious health problems and even inducing a tumour. The government cannot intervene if an individual chooses to selfexperiment with body augmentation. This means that we could make serious problems for ourselves and even do things that cannot be reversed and could result in death or serious illness. Some wish to be able to live forever but unfortunately it is not possible. Though our life expectancy has increased dramatically over the years there is no way for us to achieve immortality. Using technology, we have been able to do research on what can increase our longevity like food or exercise. But there has been no technology that has been able to put a stop to death altogether. Even if it were possible some people may not even want to live forever as it brings many problems with it. If this kind of technology is being experimented with I am unsure, but I do think that if it were to exist people would not be as enthusiastic as we imagine. In conclusion I think that we will be faced with many serious ethical issues in the years to come. Technology and ethics do not go hand in hand as they almost always contradict each other. Some may argue that ethics stop us from achieving our full abilities while others think that ethics stop us from going too far with technology. I believe that even though technology has brought many benefits with it we are on the verge of doing some irreversible damage. Not everybody can be trusted to use technology safely. Which is why I think that we should start thinking of an ethical framework for developing technology, so we have something to follow that will keep us safe from doing harm whilst also letting us improve on what we have.