The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 59

TED BODRUM COLLEGE / 8-C Designer Babies… Elif Damla AKIL Such an amazing phrase, isn’t it? I mean, designer babies! Just think about it! Doesn’t it seem wonderful, to be able to just edit a child as you wish? Well, even if it doesn’t to you, it must have been to someone, because now we have a term called ‘designer babies’. Now, even though I do not support such a thing, I have to admit, it is a good opportunity. Many children can be saved from being affected by gender-related illnesses, and we could save a lot of lives that deserve to live. However, as I believe and understand, people ‘edit’, or ‘design’ their babies out of the free will. They go to the hospital and say something along the lines of, ‘Excuse me, I would like to change my daughter’s behaviour, appearance and maybe even what ever she will like in the future.’ Doesn’t that look like a bit of a power abuse? Now, don’t get me wrong, yes, I do believe this could save a lot of lives, but would it? Changing what’s already going to be perfect? If there’s not an illness involved, why mess with the genes? Imagine, twelve years from now. One of the world’s first designer babies. She was supposed to have brown eyes and brown hair if everything went according to the laws of nature. Instead, she has blue eyes and ginger hair. Imagine how she feels. Imagine when she discovers she was designed. Imagine when she discovers, she was not meant to be like that. That has to hurt. What I have been trying to tell is that it’s unnecessary. To mess with what was going to be. To decide what wasn’t meant for baby designers to decide. It hurts. They are brought to life, and they are not normal. I understand that some people out there support this, and everything that this could bring. My question is, do these people know everything about what this could bring? Do they know what it could do to a child? Do they know it’s wrong? Apart from what may happen to the child during and after the process? Genes are no game, children could get some genetic disease when they are tried to be made prettier! People should love and accept their children. Any child, for that matter. People should see them through, and appreciate who they are, not how they look, or, how talented they are. For example, a child should not be adored because they have blue eyes, but because they are brave enough to tell you that they love blue. People should not allow society to put pressure on them to change or design their babies. I would like to emphasize that this madness has to stop. We should say no to designer babies, as long as they are not ‘designed’ to save them from some disease, probably related to gender . We should love them, for what they are.