The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 58

TED BODRUM COLLEGE / 8-A - 8-D Should We Colonise Other Planets? Ada AKIN - Deniz AKIN 56 Scientists have been researching life on Mars for some time. It’s said that humans will be leaving Earth and colonising another planet. This mission is being brought up to life. Scientists are testing the surface of Mars and collecting information about it. Mars is said to be much colder than Earth and it is said that there used to be water on it. Scientists are trying to find ways to make the red planet livable. Starting a new life on a new planet which we aren’t very familiar with is quite a dangerous mission, but many think that it’s worth giving a shot. They say that Earth is not going to be livable in a few years’ time because of global warming. Some say that doing so will be a good idea because Earth will not have enough room to live in. However, we have mixed feelings about this mission of living on another planet. We think that leaving Earth permanently would be a bad idea. Instead, we think that half of the human population could stay on Earth while the other half could go to colonise Mars. The group staying on Earth could be healing our home and saving it from global warming trying to make it livable for the next generations, while the group on Mars could be living on the red planet and making it suitable to live in. Mars should have its political government systems similar to Earth. The two planets should be alike, because if there is an emergency on either planet then humankind could immigrate to the other planet and continue its life there. That’s why we think that Mars and Earth should be similar to each other so that people can readjust easily. Who knows, maybe this mission of going to Mars will be a success and the next generations of humans will view it differently than how we look at it now… Maybe we’ll even start living on other planets like Venus. Perhaps, humans will be resistant to different weather conditions and be able to inhabit other planets closer to the Sun. Who knows what the future holds for us. Overall, we think that if we are going to colonise Mars then we should do it without taking risks. We should be very careful of everything we do because we don’t know what’s out there.