The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 57

Yade Yörük 10/A: Everything in the world is saved on a system and if this system changes, it can cause a really big problem. For example, if there is no disease and death on earth, the world population will rise and our supplies will run out. Alya Dilgeroğlu 6/A: Yes, it should be designed. Because our child would be esthetically beatiful and healthy. Filiz Palancı (Geography Teacher): No, it shouldn’t be designed. Because everything is becoming more and more technological. In the past, people were more curious. Especially before the development of medicine, people couldn’t even know the gender of the baby until birth and they were getting excited. Designing the baby that we are going to give birth doesn’t sound right . I think people should be different in this world and medicine has evolved so much and now diseases can be treated after they are born. not prefer to have their own genes, I think it’s alright to choose their babies’ genes. People tend to judge every revolution that is happening on earth and since they are our babies and we can not change them after giving birth ,I think it’s okey to design them. Ayça Şahin (Literature Teacher) Designing genomes could be a smart thing. For example, genes that give people diseases could be eliminated and this can be acceptable . But I don‘t find it right to change a baby’s physical appearance. Mahmut Yazar (Religious culture and ethics Teacher): Although designing the baby’s genome can help solving some problems in the near future , people still see it as a problem. I think it will also bring other problems in the long term. I think a lot of people see illnesses or disorders as a part of life, so I don’t think it is right for people to intervene so much in nature. Even if such a thing has to be done ,it must have boundaries and precautions .After world war II , similar studies were done and the success of it was debatable. Everything was built on a system and the system should not be corrupted. If people have to die, they must die. Mehmet Bar (Philosophy Teacher): Designing babies is actually an ethical problem. I believe that we should consider this from a different perspective. For example, “Is it ethical?”, “Is it scientifically harmful to humans?” Also, “Is there going to be differences between the people who have the money to design and the people who don’t?” These questions should be taken into consideration. Zeynep Yalovaç 11/C: Yes, I think we can change our babies’ genes. The next generation can be then much healthier.