The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 56

TED BODRUM COLLEGE / 10-A Should We Design Genomes? Sezin ÇETİN - Eylül FİDANOĞLU The percentages of the answers to the question “Should we design the genomes?” ,according to the retraction data at Ted Bodrum College, are as follows: 54 %6.6 said, “yes we should design”, %6.6 said that we should think about it, %33.3 said that we might just design disease gens and %53.3 said ,”we shouldn’t design”. Here are some answers: Sezin and Eylül: Should we design the genomes? Metehan Şahan 10/B: No,we should not design babies. Sezin and Eylül: Why not? Metehan Şahan: Because the kid could feel bad when she or he grows up and ask why his parents didn’t want him with his own genes! Gizem Yüksel Eker (Biology Teacher): Genom-edited babies have some disadvantages as well as advantages. For example, if you change babies’ genes based on their physical appearance ,everyone could be the same and people will have no differences which is a disadvantage. We can use it to stop some diseases like cancer. This could be an advantage for us. So if it is based on appearance , it wouldn’t be ethical. Lal Tuğran 11/C : Since it’s our own genoms , I don’t think it is wrong to judge people for their chocies. Because if they do