The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 53

TED BATMAN COLLEGE / 10-A How Should Cities Be Replanned to Minimise Global Warming? İrem BAŞARAN As it is known, there is a momentous problem about our planet and our life, which is ‘Global Warming’. And it is all due to human actions. In 1800, The Industrial Revolution started and people began to use steam output for industry. Simultaneously, CO2 emission and global warming increased. People started to use machine power. Because it was cheaper, easier and faster than manpower. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, and months turned to years and our planet became sick and tired of releasing CO2 or any other harmful gases. Energy consumption is another issue. But we can solve these problems by planting more trees, using public transportation, saving water and energy, etc. Let’s take a look at the maps of our cities. For instance, when architects build constructions, they consume a lot of energy. They should use less energy to build them and choose a suitable place where there are less trees. Because trees produce O2, which is very important for us and the future of our planet, they shouldn’t cut them. There is a big CO2 emission in our planet and if people don’t reduce it, the only solution will be to plant more trees. Moreover, factories should be built far away from the city centres. They should be covered by trees and filters must be attached to their chimneys. Last but not least, transportation poses another threat. As you know, vehicles produce a lot of CO2. If everybody uses their own vehicles, it will be the end of the world and there will be a huge congestion of CO2. Therefore, people should use public transport to reduce the emission of CO2 and to help the world. They can even use their bikes. They can STOP TALKING and START DOING!