The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 50

TED BATMAN COLLEGE / 11-A Artificial Intelligence Buğra KESER 48 In today’s world, artificial intelligence becomes the main part of daily life, but human being should design artificial intelligence which is beneficial, not just smart according to experts. In this context, famous scientists like Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk have warned that artificial intelligence will end mankind. Throughout history, it is observed that inventions have been used against human beings or nature. For example, nuclear power brought us access to the unlimited energy storage in atom. According to Bertrand Russell, human being created an atom bomb firstly, but people should use artificial intelligence better. Otherwise, nuclear weapons might be our end. People should be aware of the use of artificial intelligence, because this spectacular invention can better the quality of our lives. With advanced software, early signs of disasters and diagnosing can be seen. Artificial intelligence has been used to control driverless cars that can be human-free zones. In brief, this magical technology is everywhere in our daily lives. If human beings are aware of its dangers, artificial technology will make the world more liveable and less complicated place.