The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 49

TED BATMAN COLLEGE / 10-B Should Humans Colonise Other Planets To Avoid Doomsday Scenario On Earth? Barış AKTAN Colonising other planets are not as easy as you think. It requires the widest budget, high number of resources and plenty of time. Now almost all our people think as if it is a good idea. There are many reasons why they think that way. Many of the important people think that resources on earth have decreased so, we need more resources to divert to the earth and save humanity. Otherwise, we have polluted our air and water too much that made our planet impossible to live in. Are these good excuses? Certainly, they are not. The first example is a total myth. The current water resources on the earth are plenty, and almost all of the world’s population can get clean water except Africa. Even now the United Nations will have delivered clean water around the world by 2050. We are worried about our polluted air and oceans because it would make our lives worse. However, below Mars’s surface there is clean water ice. We cannot make our water more polluted and more acidic than Mars, even if we nuke our own oceans. Finally, we can colonise other planets to get resources and divert them to the earth. That would be very profitable without any negative consequences. Abandoning the Earth and moving to Mars can be overrated and useless. Instead, we should discover more liveable planets than Mars and the Earth to live on or protect the Earth.