The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 46

TED ATAKENT COLLEGE / 10-B Selin ARSLAN 44 Nowadays some trends are getting popular For years over and over For centuries, different features One likes it short, one likes it blonde In this world where all wants all Never to stop, never let go But always interfering with mother natures’ law Playing with codes, our codes, our future’s codes Only to make something perfect Never acquaintance the beautiful in everything Always missing what is perfect What was perfect but what could be Cut and paste what we like and don’t Just to make someone, something perfect Superior, aesthetic, healthier, for the trend Like life is not possible without it Why not let go of the interference of us Of babies, our future who are just another one of the dolls Yes just a doll that you can customize By our wants, by trend by our choices Interfering mother natures’ laws in the worst way The only and least human way that’s left Now they put their fingers on that selection Of our precious and beautiful genes That makes us unique and not like one another Nature gives us all we need without interference of the engineers We don’t need an unnatural selection in a world where nature is the only thing we need We need nature in everything to live