The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 37

TED ANTALYA COLLEGE / 8-D Should World Governments Be Forced To Deal With Climate Change? How Can They Be Compelled To Do So? Arda YILDIZ Considering the current global conditions such as the rapid rise of carbon dioxide emissions in the last 40 years and the thermal power plants’ extensive usage, it seems as if all the governments in the world must be forced to deal with this issue, since our common mission is to leave a better world for our future generations. However, there are variable answers according to the governments’ requests. Maybe the United Nations (UN) can force all governments to deal with climate change. It would not be that easy to force all governments to do something about climate change but the UN can implement stronger rules for governments to take this issue more seriously. Adding to that, the European Union can help as well if they could work hand in hand with the UN. However, the EU alone, would not be that efficient since it only comprises European Governments. Apparently, governments must be forced to deal with climate change as it is damaging the world every second.