The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 35

TED ANKARA COLLEGE / 8-P Should We Develop Technology Which Dramatically Expands Our Lifespan? Alara TENDURUS In today’s technology scientist have found ways to prolong the healthy lifespan of mice, worms and even monkeys. But for now, they are suggesting that until that time we can expand our lifespan by living healthy. Today, in the world our life expectancy is somewhere in the 80’s. A century ago the age limit was 54. ‘’We’ve had a significant increase in lifespan over the last century,” says Dr. Marie Bernard, deputy director of NIH’s National Institute on Aging. So, in this quote it is trying to say that every century we have an increase in our lifespan. One reason why that is so is we are producing medication for diseases. In this quote “If I had to rank behaviors in terms of priority, I’d say that exercise is the most important thing associated with living longer and healthier,” says Dr. Luigi Ferrucci, an NIH geriatrician who oversees research on aging and health. So, if we pass on, what about increasing our lifespan all the way to being immortal. Just to point out that being ageless is not the same thing as being immortal. As a scientist states “You can’t know if you are immortal until you live forever”. These include cryonics, life extension drugs and treatments, and perhaps uploading. These are ways to progress (at least) toward being ageless. By the way did you know that lobsters are actually immortal but they die because, as they grow, they have to shed their exoskeletons, and eventually die of exhaustion. This is because of an enzyme called telomerase. Well, there is no point in digging much deeper, we will find out soon but, if you ask me if we should develop technology for expanding our lifespan I would say, no.