The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 33

TED ANKARA COLLEGE / 8-P How Should TED, As An Educational Organisation, Become A ‘Green Leader’ In Its Field? Özgü Naz ÖZTÜRKER Human beings have been destroying and damaging the environmental resources from the day they existed on earth. Although the global warming and the other environmental issues have been a problem for years, in this decade it has started getting more attention from humans. Nowadays it is popular to protect the environment. People have started lots of projects to minimise global warming and environmental issues. TED, as an educational organisation, can do lots of things to become the ‘green leader’. First of the main aims should be saving and protecting the environment; after that they can start doing other things such as making students learn about the solutions. They can put solar panels on the top of the buildings which include sensors so they can provide most of the electricity they need. They can also separate the rubbish by its type. For example; glass, plastic, food, battery, etc. After the separation they can put organic rubbishes in a compost drum, so they can make free fertilizer (which is completely organic) and reuse the rubbish in a useful way. The rubbishes which cannot be used as a fertilizer will be reused in other ways. Secondly, they can give speeches or organise competitions which will raise the students’ awareness. This will also help the students in their future lives such as being aware of the problems and issues around the world. Most of the popular and important scientists say that in the near future there will be jobs which will be about the importance the environment. Lastly, they can organize some conferences about environment. To conclude, TED can do lots of things to be the ‘Green Leader’. Being the green leader needs lots of awareness and effort. In the near future being aware of environmental problems and knowing the importance of the environment will be top topics and TED will always take the lead.