The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 31

TED ANKARA COLLEGE / 8-Z Concerns of the Contemporary World Başak EZER Greenhouse gases occur in the atmosphere as a result of activities such as fossil fuel consumption and excessive industrial production which lead to global climate changes. In fact, we are beginning to see this reality more and more in our daily lives. And as long as it goes on like this, we are going to face more challenges. But there is a way to prevent this: we can re-plan cities to minimize global warming. First of all, we should plan and reduce the population in cities. Environmental pollution should be avoided and green places such as, parks, forests etc. should be maximized. Also, in transportation, instead of having personal vehicles, there should be more public vehicles that can be used by more than one person. Means of transport should work with electricity instead of oil. Planes, shouldn’t be preferred for short distances considering the environmental damage. The other thing is, water which is the source of life should be used carefully. Last, consumption should be reduced. People should not buy unnecessary things beside their basic needs. In this way, production and consumption will reduce, so the areas such as factories and shopping malls will diminish. In conclusion, if we do all these things, maybe we will see the future.