The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 2

Dear Readers, ‘What are the basic needs for living well?’ If anybody had asked you this question 20 years ago, your answer would probably have been, ‘Health, security, shelter, sufficient food’. This is very true. However, when the same question is asked today, your answer would almost certainly make reference to technology, which has undoubtedly become one of the most basic of human life needs. Although the rapid development of technology has made our lives easier in many respects, it has, at the same time, led to an erosion of some of the values we hold dear. Principle among these are the dimunition of ‘ethical values’. When our unlimited use of technology in our daily lives, we should pause to ask ourselves the question, ‘Am I using technology in a useful, responsible way? Does it actual help benefit both me and others?’ There are now no borders in our world. This reality puts a huge obligation on us to exercise self-control in order to preserve our most cherished values. re in ye ra to of th ch so TE I a ou or th To to W Se Tu Rapid developments in Artificial Intelligence, the aspiration to colonise other planets, the prospect of designer babies, advances in genetic engineering… Science fiction is no longer just ‘fiction’, it has become reality. We now live inside what was previously a science fictional world. In this ever-shifting reality, we now need to strive even harder to maintain our values and the moral sensibility which underpins them. Over the last two years, we have witnessed passionate protests in schools around the world against the lack of