The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 17

that they will not produce any further negative results. Therefore, the manufacturer should be held responsible. The mission of the digital law in this process is to administer the ethic laws which are revised to make them proper for technological improvements and assume both sides as equal. In this context, I think we should not attribute human traits to technology. Human is the real face behind the technology mask. In addition to this, we must create supervising bodies to prohibit the illegal affairs that have been going on in unrecorded and dangerous virtual platforms. By this means, we can take great many offenses like human trafficking, illegal money transfer, cyber espionage, plagiarism and data theft under control. A high level of training in cyber activities and means to have access to these formations should be provided to legislative bodies. In Turkey, we are currently stipulating laws regarding this system. As a matter of fact, Intern Lawyer Berkay Yılmaz compiled the laws violated by these activities and punitive provisions in January 2015 issue of the Journal of Hukuk Gündemi*. Functional departments can be established not only for public order but also to create new employment areas. The days that we will live in a fairer world in harmony with innovations, will be our, the open-minded ones’ work. *Yılmaz, B. (2015). A New Domain In Law: Law on Social Media. Journal of Hukuk Gündemi Issue: January 2015, p. 46. Ankara. Turkey.