The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 14

TED ADANA COLLEGE / 10-C Should We Create A Robot Army? Eylül BAL 12 Imagine you are at home and watching TV. Here you are, there is the news: ‘Scientists are creating an army of robots to kill people.’ For some reason it might make you feel happy, since they might be used to destroy all negative forces, even the ones who always interfere with the policy of your country. However, we shouldn’t miss a simple, but a very important detail - ‘Scientist’ Who are they? How are they creating the robots and an army based on robots? Aren’t they people as well? Furthermore, robots have no feelings. They cannot feel happiness, sadness, excitement, etc… You even cannot talk to them, get their advice. Isn’t it weird? It could be a disaster for everyone. Is it certain that they will be used for the right purposes? Not sure! Moreover, the robots even will not have their own choices or opinions since they will act the way they are CODED. To sum up, creating a robot army is not a good idea because one day things will probably get out of people’s control and result in a disaster for humanity.