The Commited MAY 2015 - Page 13

TED ADANA COLLEGE / 10-A Should Robots Be Accepted As ‘People’ Ceyda BİLİR This question has been occupying the minds for a very long time. Should we give them full human rights and accept them as a part of our society? According to 2017 statistics, there are 7.53 billion people around the world. You are one of them, I am one of them. We as humans have feelings, mistakes, and reasoning ability, we can be angry, sad, worried, happy, cheerful, tired, full of energy or exhausted. Now let’s ask the same question again; should robots be accepted as people? There are technological developments every single day, there are inventions which surprise us. Robots have been around for a while but all of them were not in the form of human beings. Most of the electrical appliances in the kitchen are robots actually. They make our lives easier, they do most of the chores instead of us but they do not even look like a person whereas they can also handle some complicated issues which is impossible for a person. There are different kinds of robots and some types look just like us but can they feel what we feel or live what we live? The answer is ‘NO’ so we cannot accept them as ‘people’. How can we judge them when they do something wrong or illegal? How would it affect society if we didn’t punish them? Plenty of question marks… As a result, this is a complicated issue since it affects many people. In my opinion, robots should stay as robots.