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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS WHERE IS THE CLASSIC CENTER LOCATED? The Classic Center sits in vibrant downtown Athens with more than 1,500 hotel rooms and more than 150 shopping, dining and nightlife options. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE BUILDING'S HIGH TECH FEATURES? In-house services include complimentary wireless internet access, audio-visual with plug-and-play capabilities and on-site technical staff. WHAT OTHER EVENT SERVICES ARE OFFERED BY THE CLASSIC CENTER? The Classic Center offers in-house catering, A/V, pipe and drape and marketing and registration services. An event planner will handle all of the details of your event and assist day-of. MAY I USE AN OUTSIDE CATERER? We are proudly partnered with Levy Restaurants as the exclusive in-house caterer. The Classic Center does not allow outside catering companies to supply food, beverage or services to the events at The Classic Center. The Classic Center and Levy Restaurants are happy to accommodate all requests for relig ₯½Ύ…Ή•Ρ‘Ή₯ŒΙ•ΕΥ₯Ι•΅•ΉΡΜΈ)!=\59d!=Q0I==5LI9I dό)Q‘•Ι”…Ι”Ν•Ω•Έ‘½έΉΡ½έΈ‘½Ρ•±Μέ₯Ρ ΅½Ι”Ρ‘…Έ€Δ°Τΐΐ‘½Ρ•°Ι½½΅ΜΈQ‘”€ΔΰΤ΅Ι½½΄!₯±Ρ½Έ…Ι‘•Έ%ΉΈ₯́…‘©…•ΉΠΡΌ)Q‘” ±…ΝΝ₯Œ •ΉΡ•Θ…ΉΡ‘”Ή•…Ι±δ€Θΐΐ΅Ι½½΄!ε…ΡЁA±…”½ΉΉ•Ρ•ΡΌQ‘” ±…ΝΝ₯Œ •ΉΡ•Θέ₯±°‰”½΅₯Ήœ₯ΈΡ‘”MΑΙ₯Ήœ½˜€ΘΐΔάΈ(ΜΤ)Q! 1MM%  9QHƒŠˆ 1MM% 9QHΉ =