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AKINS FORD ARENA AT THE CLASSIC CENTER AKINS FORD ARENA AT THE CLASSIC CENTER This multifunctional space is perfect for hosting a variety of events, transforming from an indoor sporting facility to a concert venue in the blink of an eye. It also features a 17,000 square foot removable ice rink, making it the perfect destination for indoor hockey leagues or ice skating. “The Akins Ford Arena at The Classic Center is the most unique facility that I have worked with over the years. Every detail, down to the last chair placement, is of top priority to the staff. Not only is the facility a spectacular venue, the staff and employees go out of their way to make each and every event “one of a kind.” The Akins Ford Arena is the most requested venue of all the teams in the South. We hear from other teams and groups how special the staff treated them and want to make sure they are invited back. With a beautiful venue and extraordinary staff, there is no better place to have an event than the Akins Ford Arena at The Classic Center.” 23 THE CLASSIC CENTER • CLASSICCENTER.COM DAVID BROOKS, UGA HOCKEY FOUNDATION BOARD MEMBER