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THE 440 FOUNDRY PAVILION THE 440 FOUNDRY PAVILION The 440 Foundry Pavilion is the newest addition to the list of Classic Center venues. The versatility of this space will make it a must have for events of all kinds. Whether you are looking for a place to park your RV to tailgate during a University of Georgia football game, want to spend the afternoon ice skating or you are interested in hosting an elegant outdoor reception, this space is sure to accommodate! Drive on access and convenient on-site parking make this venue a top choice for an outdoor, downtown event! “The North Georgia Conference of The United Methodist Church loves coming to The Classic Center for its annual conference because the facilities continue to be perfect for our conference needs, and the staff listen so carefully to what will make our time there both comfortable and productive. Year after year, now, the experience has been classic!” 19 THE CLASSIC CENTER • CLASSICCENTER.COM REV. DR. GARY L. WHETSTON, NORTH GEORGIA CONFERENCE OF THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH