The Citizen - Page 75

P a g e | 75 The disadvantage individual questions. Needs to be better defined. Are these individuals handicapped, have special needs etc. The importance of Downtown area The improvement is slow but they are getting there. The roads in my area are especially bad The taxes are too high There are 1 utililities2 CWLP need to be regulated. There is a lot more taxes. There is not a lot of unity. It would be better if there was better unity. There needs to be more focus on zoning and building down town up and sprawl containment state budget cuts Sangamon will have major problems with that. They block the park off on weekends, so I, as a senior, cannot enjoy it. I've lived here all my life, and I enjoy it or I probably wouldn't be here. I've lived here all my life, and I've gotten to know a lot of people. They can do better. They need more money They need to get a hold of entire govt. Better education is needed. They need to get rid of electronic devices. They need to learn to budget the money more and live within their means, there is plenty money there if they spend it correctly. They need to something about racism. They should hire more veterans. Think they can improve the roads because they are bumpy Thinks that all government leaders should not get paid This is one of the better places, not as good as Madison Wisconsin. Too expensive taxes and government, and schools. They do not pay attention to cost. Very concerned about state of Illinois, they need to follow thru before starting new projects. Very enjoyable Very pleasurable Want more government support for the local animal shelters We have very good ambulance services in Sangamon - the neighbors are good. We need a better road commissioner. We need to downsize government downsize police department, fire department When the government says they will do things they should follow thru. Like bringing vans to pick up disabled people. Wife lost job and hence moving away Wish had a better bike plan. With the education I am very disappointed in Benedictine University killing of programs, economy need more diversity jobs, sort sided in leadership where potential employers were driven away.