The Citizen - Page 74

P a g e | 74 No No been very happy. No taxes going up. Especially no property tax. No that is all No, Not really. Better education options (elementary, high school and post high school). No. It is a good area except weather. No. Things are very quiet. No bad experiences. She wishes they will have more cultural events such as live blues shows and concerts. Broaden all events to different cultural. More concerts during the summer for adults. No.15yrs. Enjoyed. Prefer a beach living! Nope. Not at this time. Not really Opinion not very high, be nice to live in state where governors weren’t know n for going to prison and get rid of Chicago. People not paying attention to the education system. Children not going to good college. Property taxes are really too high, at 74 property taxes should be a lot lower. Property taxes are too high. Property taxes are way too high. Property tax too high. Have doubled in last 10 yrs. Needs to have a hold to it. 100% disabled so property tax should be 0 (veteran)-7300$ for property tax. Government to consolidate. Sangamon County needs to concentrate on blue collar jobs Springfield. Like industry and car manufacturing. Sangamon county are attacking from people because of social activities. Schools need help She likes Springfield because of the size of it. Which they had a better newspaper and more cultural events. Happy they are starting to do more with the State Fair because it was losing money. Illinois is her home and she enjoys living here. Wish the government did a better job monitoring money to make improvements. Hope they do more with downtown because it needs an uplift. She thinks Sangamon County is a decent place to live. She thinks someone needs to investigate the health care for the poor at community health places. Find out number one if the doctors are really doctors and have degrees. Look into the health care issues. Some of these? Are too vague to give a more direct answer, Illinois is driving business away, pay too much taxes for owning a business and political side term the limits and go to workers. Survey too long Taxes are too high so I am leaving Tell government leaders to quit wasting money. They are he lives in is very protected and there is very little crime The biggest thing I have is that the eastern entrances and road way into the down town areas are full of trash and so are the outer courters of 55 and 72 it looks terrible. The county does not