The Citizen - Page 73

P a g e | 73 Kudos to police dept. in Sangamon county. Largest issue with county is that playing field not level. When I moved to Springfield in 1995 if you were a friend of Bill Celini or one of his friends for contribute to the republican party you were permitted to receive contracts, and allowed to prosper. If not, you were left out in the cold. Some of this has changed, but not enough. Leaders would look at the individual candidate. Like the cost of community. Like to see bring ethic festival back maybe in May. They give out way to many entitlements to people and for them to get a better grasp on the money. Like very much living in Sangamon County. Lived there all his life Living in Sangamon has worse conditions, not the same place to live in. Lot of taxes Lovely place to live happy here Lower the property taxes. Grow business somehow. Get people to move downtown and convert downtown to condos/apartments, fix the roads, and upgrade the downtown area. Media not supporting. (Especially the police not there in town). Minimum wage was better, individuals losing jobs due to race, pregnancy. More diverse activities More reliance family vs local government. District 186 needs to clean house. Need better Administration and more teachers in the class room. Need to have drop off dumpster for free. Or have free dumping to dump trash for people. A lot of empty buildings in Springfield. And no one can afford the buildings because of fees. Do not need parking meters downtown. Mostly the roads are in terrible shape. Moved down here in the 70's very corrupt local and state . Moving along fairly smoothly as far as my needs go. My family has been in Sangamon county more than 50 years (farmers). My family has lived in Sangamon county since 1827 so I don’t think we are going to go anywhere soon. I think it’s a county that’s graveling with job changes, infrastructure and things like that. But, I have seen where they were working on issues but there are always room for improvement. Need economy to improve, kids cannot find jobs. Needs to be more free cultural activities. About Hunter Lake, they keep moaning and groaning about it, and we probably do need another source. But, they are going to have to solve the problems they have at the current site first and find an alternate location. Until you fix that mess, don't come to me and say you need more water. Needs to be more officers for traffic. Newspaper is poor and not interested in SFD. All the automobiles sales are owned by one person and he is a criminal. Nice place to live, highly political Nice time living here