The Citizen - Page 71

P a g e | 71 I am disappointed in the elections. The good old boy network still rains in Springfield. Need more suitable practices in Springfield and the county. CWLP should collect garbage fees. Each trash company should be allocated in one place in the city. I believe we need composting in the city and county. More bike and pedestrian trails needs to be developed. Need more green space to offset parking area. To offset the flooding and improve the quality of people's lives. I am very pleased. Moved to Rochester a few years ago and is very happy. I became unemployed because of my health and got behind in my water bill and my water was shut off and she lived in her house without water for a year. She asked the mayor if she could do community service or something someone would not do to pay for her bill but he said no. It was a struggle; she camped out for a year. Nobody in the community helped her and everybody knew it. She was in dire needs. There should be something and people should step up and ask what we can do. It turned her whole opinion of the community. She also lived without utilities for two months. She lived by her fireplace because she had no heat, lights, water or anything. There was nobody to lend her hand. After she inquired, someone steered her to a church organization that paid her utility bills and got them turned back on. If someone is in these situation, unless you have a family who can help you, you're on your own. That's really sad. She pays over $2,000 in property tax for a, 1,200 square foot house and her neighbor pays $300 for a two-story home with huge garage and apartment. In 2011, she was hospitalized and while in the hospital her house caught on fire. It was a total mess and is still pretty much like that because she's disabled and can't lift heavy things and can't do anything. You would think the neighbors or someone would come over and help her. Her neighbors have complained about her house being an eyesore and the police have told her if she doesn't get it cleaned up within a certain amount of days, we'll fine you. The community hasn't helped her but want to fine her $1,000 if she doesn't get it cleaned up. It has turned her against this community. She used to love living her. If you need help, you're SOL. The community doesn't exist her and that's why she moved here in the first place and it disappoints her and she's ready to move because of it. The people are not friendly, the business people are very unfriendly; it's just not what it's supposed to be - a tight-knit, solid community with a foundation of help your neighbor. Nobody's concerned about that; they're concerned about their own self. I do agree there is a workable solution and that's when the weight is put on everybody to make it a better place. Do unto others as they do unto you. What happens to my neighbor affects me; what happens to anybody in the community affects me. Understanding that and knowing that, try not to think only of yourself but others. Strong education can help people qualify for jobs and people can qualify for jobs in the community. Early childhood education makes a difference to the community. It's very important and if we give them what they need they will grow up and become good leaders in this community. We need to give them the best tools we have available to offer. Dig deep down inside and find respect for your neighbors. These people have lived and given to their community for years and we need to treat them with utmost and dignity as if they were your own grandparents. I enjoy living here and I enjoy this facility. There is a lot for the people and it’s a lot of free things and also things that are available at a low cost and it is important that these things are available. I feel that we have too many politician and too corruption. I hate this place, spend too much money and don’t budget. I have been almost 50 years.