The Citizen - Page 70

P a g e | 70 Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experience as a Sangamon County resident? Terrible job doesn’t have safe routes for bikes and pedestrians. Local leaders failed in their duties. Not do enough to promote community college, low cost and high quality education for local students. Local officials need to study the sanitary discharge for secondary water source. They need to work for foundation and services. We are farmers and hardly ever leave the dairy farm, great place to raise children. This has taught my children a good way of life. I have the only dairy farm in Sangamon County. Been a single mom for 25 years put herself and her children through college, has had public assistance at one point. been pretty productive since I've come here ten years ago Being a Sangamon county resident all my life and raising my boys, I am very pleased with Sangamon county. Buses are biggest problems. Casino Clean up east side of Springfield Deadly against the city and who is working for it, because they do not know what they are doing. The cops are also not doing their jobs, they think that they can do whatever they want. People in power are able to do anything that they want. Ex-Chief, was a big fire at the lake area, and it was hushed up because of the people who were inside. The downtown area, also does not have anything, they close too early, while the bars stay open all night. They should also put pictures up, or decorating something about Lincoln, to make the downtown area better off. Does not like political polices. Economy is hype up - a lot of false hoods in media for unemployment and opportunities are limited to individuals without skills. Put Barriers to protect bicyclist on busy streets unsafe in the east side for all shootings ( which are called terrorists) really problems on the east side of Springfield feels very unsafe to drive around areas of Springfield at night voting - open primary voting. Everything seems to be fine in her local neighborhood, with good neighbors. Experiences come at different times hard to respond. Farther you move away from Springfield is better in Sangamon. Free education, bring the pell grants back. From the Chicago area would like to see the library developed like other areas and more bike paths and upgrade tennis courts. Anything that would invite the community to be activity and out of their homes. Generally speaking it has been good enough for me, and I have lived in this county all my entire life and I am 77 years old. Get the roads and sidewalks fixed. Don’t promise something and not come through with it. Good place to live Good place to live. There are more business that are closing. Great place to live Great place to raise kids terrible state Have high confidence in local radio and paper but none in TV He love it here.