The Citizen - Page 68

P a g e | 68 More diversity and recreation More fun things to do More help, nursing home, someone to help her in her home at night time. More jobs in his industry. More opportunities for kids and family More opportunities for jobs. More opportunities in my chosen field More progressive approach to everything My children My family My kids job Neutral on the situation New/better job opportunities. Nicer lake No No idea No way to make good money Nostalgia Nothing in particular Nothing-----> because the weak leaders are stagnant and never want to explore ne Nothing. Overall lower state tax Own home Palm trees, ha, I don't know, I really don't know. I'm not 100% sure I'm going to move. It’s really my financial status. I’d love to live here and winter in Florida, but not sure I can afford that, so I’m considering relocating there completely. People tell him we really need you on the board. We need you here in Sangamon County. He has prolonged moving back to Michigan. When you’re told he’s needed, it overwhelms him. He has a desire to do what he does and it’s hard to make that decision. He’s not packing his bags today and he doesn’t want to think about it today. He likes the environment he’s in; he likes the people he associates with. Prices of everything is too high Raised here Safer environment See what Rauner So much. I guess new government, lower taxes, better education programs for the The reason she stays is because this is where her children are. What would make her stay more is if there was better community rapport or better community services. We need somewhere a person with problems can go to get help or transportation to get somewhere like the grocery store. We need access to transportation services for people who can’t get out. This is where i am from, it my hometown