The Citizen - Page 67

P a g e | 67 Find employment, rid of one neighbor Friends Full time employment Gas too high; foods also, to high. Get rid of all politicians Getting close to retirement Government would have to step down no taxes Grandkids family Have good cognitive neuroscience program Have great grandchildren here, if they move we move Having her children closer. Health Her job. I don’t know I live here I wish to have a good job or have the funding to go back to school. Also I have an issue in the law enforcement such as profiling. If children moved closer If daughter went to school for higher education in Sangamon If i was able to I would , would move out of Illinois If my property taxes would drop and my spouse finds a good job. If the winters weren't so dang cold If we had better weather. Illinois is not good It is not so much the county, it is the state of Illinois. Its Home Job Job Creation Keep the kids in school Knowing people in area. Less government control Less taxes Less violence Less winter Likes the size of Illinois and the cost of living. And her mother is ill and lives in the county. Lower property taxes Lower taxes and better roads Lower utility rates in Riverton Medical facilities More community diversity, less community segregation, and lower crime rate, and more job opportunities.