The Citizen - Page 62

P a g e | 62 Public Safety Now moving on to topics related to safety in Sangamon County. Do you feel safe or unsafe walking alone at night in your neighborhood? Safe 80.1% Unsafe 17% DON’T KNOW 2.8% REFUSED 0.1% Compared to a year ago, do you feel less safe, safer, or about the same level of safety in your own home? Less safe 7.3% Safer 6.6% Same level of safety 84.5% Did not live there a year ago 1% DON’T KNOW 0.4% REFUSED 0.2% How often, if at all, do you see police or other types of law enforcement patrolling your own neighborhood or street? Do you see them… Very often Somewhat often Not very often Not often at all DON’T KNOW REFUSED 22.1% 31.3% 29.6% 16.4% 0.2% 0.4%